Hand n` Hand


Hold me close

hold me tight

let`s never be alone

especially at night


be with me

forever and a day

promise me

you`ll alway`s stay


say you need me

say you alway`s will

tell me baby

just how you feel


lets walk through

life hand in hand

pull me up close

tell me i`m your man


say you will alway`s love me

and i will alway`s be your man

as we take on this life

hand in hand...

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Beautiful this one is

Beautiful this one is perfect!


hand in hand 

a love so real

hugs and kisses 

our love is sealed


making love

underneath the stars

hugs and kisses 

and a herseys bars


cause chocolate kisses

is twice as fun

as walking hand in hand 

stuck like chewing gum



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juicy fruit thank you for the

juicy fruit

thank you for the poetic responce