Speak up

Slam poem 



A slow cut on skin can make all the difference between life and death, but what caused you to think this way? You smile a small smile at school, you laugh the loudest so know one knows your sad. You try to escape through drugs just to get a chance to actually smile. What caused you to think this way? As a little kid did you think you would do this? Do you want to tell your self as a kid maybe 5 or 8 and tell them what happened to you over the years? What did happen? Did society get to you and started telling you bad things about yourself? Did school take away your sanity wile it slowly told you were dumb and stupid? Do you have bruises that show up due to family, a lover, or even a class mate? Do you have bruises on your heart for the names you get called? If you don't Speak up you might not get a chance it will slowly pile up until you burst. You might love the person that is hurting you the most but you have to know even if they said they'll never do it again for the hundredth time you have to speak up before you can't. Don't go through life depressed. I know it seems endless but It will get better. I was depressed, I know what your going through. Please Speak up before you can't.