falling down

falling down

in the dark that hovered ‘round
she tried to find a way back home
but when her eyes could not guide her
she wandered through the night alone …

using hands to feel around her
walking closely to the wall
praying to someone she can’t see
to lead her so she doesn’t fall …

easing down onto the floor
to find a safer place to be
lead her through this maze of madness
to a place where she’d be free …

never one to be defeated
even when she’s on the edge
reaching for that fading lifeline
before she falls off of the ledge …

she could stay – and quickly fade
or she could stand and walk away
taking baby steps if needed
to get her through each trying day …

we choose our light, we choose our dark
lay down and die or stand and fight
curse the fates or give some thanks
that there are days when life is right.

a victor ~ though she still falls down.

© Debbie Finlay

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