diary of a mad farmer's wife

it was all right there in black and white
like the foolish words of a drunk at night
and she tried to make it rhyme but just couldn't get it right
because the words wouldn't stay on the page ...

so she wrote it on the wall by the oven door
but she soon ran out of space and started writing on the floor
then the cuckoo clock struck the early hour of 4
as her heart began to scream...

would you come here and look at the mess you made
while I was trying so hard to put it all away
now you deserve what's coming to you - and in the middle of the day
she backed out of the door ...

no one knew what happened til the dust settled down
and even when it did they say no evidence was found
they say she loaded up her gun and in her faded old gown
made sure he'd never come home ...

while you're hopin' and wishin' with your drunken lies
and your woman's sitting by you with tears in her eyes
well don't be so surprised when she cuts you down to size
by the only way she knows.

© Debbie Finlay

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