CountrySide (WIP)


        It was another day. A bright, warm and breezy day. My name is Sam and I'm just a normal guy that lives a normal life like every other person. I was taking the weekend off from work this week because I was going to a friends place, his name was Bo and he lived a more interesting life, where there was a party to go on the next day.  Before I went there I went to a store to buy some food for the party. I haven't seen this friend in years ever since he moved to a new house in Nevada. As I was shopping around the store buying tortilla chips and cheese like I normally do, I feel a weird wind come in through the store's doors as someone walks in. As I walk to the cashier and buy my food I ask him how's the weather going to look today. He said there's a storm coming in that might take out the power. We joked about how the weather is always crazy down here he said. After I paid for the food I continued my drive to my friend's house. I kept driving forgetting my friend wasn't a town man but a country guy. So I was in the middle of nowhere thinking I was lost till I saw the house and his big barn. He was a great farmer, even if he was living alone, he was so rich he didn't even worry about prices on places like these. 

          I got there about 10 minutes later, crazy how far things are when they seem so close. I parked in his huge dirt driveway. Bo greeted me with a firm handshake and helped me bring the food inside to prepare for tonight. After setting up the food and getting it cooked for later tonight we sat down and talked about his new place. He says it's such a big place, even to big for himself. Then what he normally does and tells me how I should bring my family here so it seems less alone. I ask him why he would want a place like this if he thought it would be too big for him. He says he likes the space of the property for all of his machines and animals, he raises almost every kind of barn animal you could think of, sometimes it's crazy to think how he keeps up with them all. My family would never move here with me because they, like myself, are all town folks and don't like the smell of the countryside. I'm used to my friend and hanging out with him when he lived in Colorado with us. So I always decline his offer of moving to his place. A few hours past of us laughing and looking at the animals. 

          The sun started to set as people started to arrive at Bo's house. I helped him greet people as they walked in the door bringing in food. There were only a few people I recognized like Mike and Tom. The rest of the people were Bo's friends and I didn't know them. We all sat inside for a bit chatting about the place, mostly what he told me when I first got there.  Then we all when outside and started up the nice shiny new grill that my Bo had gotten when he first moved in. We grilled so many things like the normal hot dogs and hamburgers plus some tasty looking brots. As we did that we set up a mound of sticks and logs to make soon to be the bonfire. After we did that we got lawn chairs out. We worried about the storm they said that was going to come in because the bonfire might now farewell with the wind and rain. After setting up that the food was ready so we went inside to grab some dinner. 

         As we ate dinner the bonfire was lit and we sat in the lawn chairs that we set out. Bo didn't have enough chairs for us all so Some people had to sit on would logs that were laid flat on the ground. It was funny because one of the guys that was sitting on the log had a spider crawl on him, and if you haven't heard a man scream like a girl so loud then that was your chance. We all laughed at him but still knew that each of us would have done the same with a giant wolf spider crawling on our leg. we all got done with our food and through the dishes in the sink, because my friends and Bo's friends didn't decide to bring any paper plates nor plastic silverware, so we had to do it all by hand in the morning. So after the bonfire got low and it got late most people started to leave so we gave them a farewell and said: "have a safe trip." We sat inside as it started to rain luckily after everyone had left, except for a few that were staying because they lived too far away to try to make a trip home when they were tired. The rain also didn't mean we had to watch the bonfire because it would have been put out by the storm. 

        The storm came in very fast after we sat down in the living room and watched TV as most went to their guest rooms to sleep because of the long day. The storm shook the house with fury. I asked Bo if storms happened often here in Nevada, which then he replied it's fairly cold at night but rarely has it stormed. I guessed it probably was occurring because there was a hurricane near the gulf coast, so maybe the storm is because of that. I looked out the window when we both went quiet paying attention to the TV and the storm. We learned that there shouldn't be a storm here. The weatherman said it was supposed to be a clear cool night. We sat there confused but just thinking we should just let it pass and things would be back to normal. A few hours passed and it was about 3am. We both felt tired and turned off the lights and went to our rooms saying good night. 

     I think I was asleep for about half an hour when I heard a loud "BOOM" noise. It awoke me from my sleep as I looked around but thought to myself that it was just lightning that woke me up. I tried going back to sleep but yet again I heard the loud booming noise from outside. I looked outside and saw the barn door wide open slamming around. I got up and walked to Bo's room and told him about the door. He got up and we got some heavy coats he had in his closet. We got out there to close the door when we noticed the door of the barn was closed. Bo looked at me thinking I was crazy, but I swore to him it was open. He laughed and said I must be tired still, I complained and looked at the door. Nothing was wrong with it no marks or anything having signs of being opened. The rain was so hard to see anything when I turned around I couldn't see Bo any here. I walked forward yelling his name, maybe he went inside? 

I walked a few more steps and tripped on something. I got back up and quickly looked down, it was just a stick. I kept looking around now not being able to see the house or the barn. I yelled my friends name more and more trying to get him to answer. Soon I see a shadow figure, me being a scaredy cat I jump a little but notice it looks like my friend. 

-----------------------To Be continued----------------------------------

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a short horror story I'm writing for my English class.

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