That Night

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What a dark night it is. I usually take walks at this time through the woods, but this is not an area I'm familiar with. I just moved to Bend, Oregon. The place had such beautiful trails that wind ever which ways. I planned to camp tonight to get a feel for the outdoors here. The wind was slow, mainly a low breeze and the sound of the lake could be heard from miles away. I continue my walk through the woods when something shines from the moon's light. I give it a closer look to discover it's a sign. Moving closer I try to make out what it says. It's just a big sign that says "DO NOT ENTER" meaning that I shouldn't go down that way. I look to see what the sign and the little metal beams are blocking. I peered through the little spaces in between the metal beams to see something fantastic. What I saw was this small hidden away pond surrounded by lively grass and small shrubs. The pond glowed as the moon's light was hitting it through the small hole in the ceiling of the gorgeous cave.   I thought to myself if there was any way to to get in there. I pried at the door but it wouldn't budge. So I thought maybe the holes in the cave had a way down. So I climbed up the steep part of the mountain to get up to the hole. I looked down to see the little waves of the pond moving back and forth. I took a small leap of faith into the water, luckily it was still pretty deep for being small. I swam to the bank of the pond and laid in the grass enjoying the feeling of no wind and the light of the moon and water. After about a good hour of resting, I thought of how I would get out. When I looked at the door and started walking towards it I felt a slight chill on my back. I slowly turned around to see a pair of red eyes stare at me. I sat there watching them and backing up to the metal door slowly. As I looked behind me for a second I noticed the door was jammed. I moved my hands behind me to try to unjam the door as I watched the eyes slightly swaying back and forth. My mind was racing with questions of what it was. When I got the door unjammed it faded. The eyes went away. I sat there, not being the smartest I could be, looking and seeing if the eyes would come back. My heart racing as I wanted to know where this beast went. I walked a few steps forward to peer into the pond and of course... It was there... Behind me. I turned around still holding the metal bar I had gotten from unjamming the door. I swung at the thing as soon as I turned around. This was no animal, it was almost my height and had the body of a wolf and the speed of a panther. I stood there fearing my life that thing had not moved... It was smart, it was waiting for me to make the move. It knew it would be able to counter me if I tried anything. After a good five minutes of waiting it jumped, but not at me but to the side.  It darted off out the open door. I sat there wondering what I saw and if it would be back. I left through the door looking for any traces of it. No footprints of the animal were seen or any sitings. It was like it was a dream that never happened. Every time I walk that trail I will always think of that day. The door was jammed again from someone that must know that had happened. I wish to know what happened that night and who also knows about this beast. I will go on this quest until this beast is found or dead.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet another thing written for my English class. Waas a fun little thriller I decided to write. Enjoy :)

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