English Revolution


I'm staring at the noose outside of my jail window
I'm three stories up in my jailhouse
The England revolution going on around the country
I was caught as a spy for the rebels against England
Why had I been caught?
I was a lone spy
A person on the hunt for answers
I was watching out my window for the person I had targeted
He was a wig... A guy that had bright white hair
He walked with a cocky walk but you knew he was scared
There were redcoats patrolling the area around him
I stare out my inn window
Waiting for him to go inside 
I wear my fake English soldier equipment
Walk outside and blend in
I follow him where he's going... A meeting house in Croydon, England
I stood there acting like a guard watching my target speak
Remembering every word he'd spoke
All of a sudden I was on the ground...
I looked up to see what had happened
All I heard was "Spy! Get him!"
how... How did they know...?
I heard supposedly the spot I had taken was taken by someone else
I was pushed into a carriage and locked in
It was a dark and bumpy ride...
And I knew where I was going
I was going to the prison in London
I heard people yelling...  I think they were yelling my name
The next thing I knew was I was being thrown out of the carriage
Suddenly I was picked up and shoved forward
I looked up and saw people yelling my name and curses towards me
When I got into the prison I was thrown into my cell
Instantly I was beaten and locked in...
They said my death day was in two days
The first day went fast... too fast
The second day I stood up and stared out my window
There it was...
There was my death sitting out there
The noose that swayed in the breeze...
A few minutes past. It felt like hours
I was shoved out of my cell and outside to the courtyard
They walked me up to the noose
People run up to where my death awaits me
They shout at me again
yelling my name and hoping I go to hell
They put the sack over my head
My breathing sped up
I didn't want to die
I feel the itchy and tight rope go around my neck
The sweat runs down my head because of the heat from the sack
And maybe cause I sat there with death around my neck
My mind goes blank...
I feel myself fall and it's over...
My last breath is from the shock of me falling
The cheers grew louder as I died off...
Only if they knew who they were cheering for... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For English class. Actually was a fun write. Enjoy :)

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