My Book


The world burns around me

As I look through the pages of my life

The things that were good torn out

All that was left was the bad

I look through the book as my life unfolds

The pages reforming as my tears reach it

It shows the good in my book

Through all the bad that it shows

For the tears are hopeful

They are greatful for the forming of my life

The bad gets covered by the tears of joy

When another page forms another bad page shows

It sticks out like a thorn ready to jab me

This time blood spills into the book

The pages reforming loved ones and friends

Showing the truth behind them

Then the lies will show through the book

I work my hardest, my sweat pours into the book

It erases the lies people have spread

People say I don't put effort into things

But I put blood sweat and tears into my book

My book of life, the object that holds me together

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