Hating but Loving


He had caught me

I tried sneaking out that night

To go find a life to live

He had stopped me

Held onto my hand 

And told me I'd never leave

I hated him

Yet I loved him

I looked back into his eyes

I saw the fire of hatred

But I saw the light of love

Mixed emotions caught me

Like a hook caught on rocks

like a kite stuck in trees


It was weird

Like something I've never felt

I hugged him

Felt the warmth of him

Like I've never seen him before

Memories of him gone yet I still remember

The days we'd fight but it would end up the same

The fights being over nothing important

Just us explaining how we lived our lives

And the different views we had

But in the end it never hurt

We'd hug and make up

Like the last night 

And every other weekend 

It never worried me


We both knew we couldn't get mad at each other

Yet we did all the time

But the more we yelled

The more we grew together

The more we would feel better

The trust grew strong as the anxiety grew weak

This would last

Just a few more breaths 

And it would be all over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem for my english class. 

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