We Are One

A new day has come

To show us our flaws

The day to never remember

Where we have to act how others want

Even if we can stop it we can't

For they will shove us down to keep us moving

Never stop keeping going and keep pushing

To get through life like we are smart

Yet they know we need help

They won't help....

We will show them how smart we are

Even if we can't prove it

We can move on without them pushing us

For we are stronger than most but don't show it

they're things out in this world that will stop us

But they will never stop our motivation

Our motivation to keep moving and keeping going forward

For we go at our own pace and we keep fighting 

We are the next generation, to fight for what we do

and what we can achieve, is in our hearts

We are strong and skillful

To ourselves



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well I started giving myself motivational speeches in my head... And this came to mind. Hopefully I can keep posting these speeches/rants I give to myself and let others know what I feel. 

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