While I Still Can




Granddad spoke

An otherwise quite man

Fought to choke back

The memories of Grandma's laugh

And, the sixty-eight years they spent sharing love

With little more than what clothes hung on their backs

And, his voice finally cracked

As he said, "Lord, I… I miss her laugh."


He wiped his eyes

And, hung his head

Then, he said,

"Love while you can,

cause you don't know how bad

you'll wish you could once you no longer can

tell them how much they truly and completely meant."


And, I walked away from that fragile man

And, I too hung my head

And, said a prayer right then and there

"Lord, let me love while I still can."


Sometimes life's lessons

Aren't hard to understand

Like, just how precious life is

And, how short it seems to last

So, when you get the chance to learn from the past

From those around you who have

Given themselves and still wish they'd given more

Look into yourself and find out what you're holding back

And, open that door

And, love as if you'll never get a second chance

Cause, as sure as life begins, it too shall pass

So, when you give

Give knowing you'll look back

And, wish you'd given more

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