Opinions differ and tides rise and fall effortlessly

And, after all is said and done

Who will we ourselves call upon

When our time comes

To stand with one side or the other

To rise or fall under what we have done


And, there are lines drawn in desert and seashore sands

That beckon one man to conquer another

For little more than clay to foster

What strength one thinks one has

Simply through the toppling of the other

Simply through the blows of a heavier hands power


One person sees a single flower

Another sees hope

One person becomes even sadder

And, can hardly cope

Thinking, how can one person matter


It takes time and time mixes disaster and pleasure

With strength and weakness

And, intermingles the perfect measure of give and take

Of let go and save

Of deny and partake of with grace and strength to endeavor on


And, even when rain falls down like heavy stones

Press on

And, even when pain calls out as it's always done

Press on

And, know it's in your power to pass along

The purpose, of even just a single flower


Cause, tides will rise and fall effortlessly

And, after all is said and done

To whom and for what purpose will you have become known

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