The Future Us




Oh, there you were

Beautiful and undisturbed

Head tilted

Glasses sitting low

Quite fittingly close

To what I'd pictured

As innocence's glow

Patient and gentle

Clear and cut

From riddle and rhyme

And, far surpassing

My understanding of truth and love


Brown eyes and freckles

Strewn across your nose

Cheeks welcoming

My hands to cradle

A kiss upon your forehead

To ease the load

You've been carrying

To break the bars

I've been wearing

Before tracing the contours

Of your freckled nose

To feel my lips upon yours


Skin so porcelain

No blemish my eyes can see

In the blindness of love

So fair and feminine

So carelessly barreling

Toward the source

Of your silhouette

Toward hips like mountains

That steal my breath

As the wilderness of my heart

Deeply reveres

The blooms your meadows possess


Oh, here you are

So near and so far

Beyond my expectations

And, hope cannot explain

How I wish

To be the same for you

As I strive toward

The fulfillment of yours

In both body and soul

In hear-and-now and all that unfolds

As we sojourn presently

Into the depths of the future us

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