I think I hit an opossum with my car

Or was it with a quiet reproach

Either way she's playing dead

Slowing her responses down

In order to hide the fear she felt

As headlights delved into her soul


So, I crept silently away

To a safe, yet close distance

And, waited


Her ears tweaked and nose sifted the air

For any scent of the onlooker's she inadvertantly led

To her palace of solitude

To her chalice of self-pity and anger

From which she often drinks alone

In order to justify the fear inside her marsupial, suitcase head


So, I crept a bit closer

To inspect with nearer eyes

And, waited


Her tail swept across the dusty ground

And, her feet bounced back to life as she stood up

In a glorious act of defiance

Her teeth exposed themselves

As her lungs screeched the putrid warning

Her body was too afraid to impose


So, I crept even nearer

Safely content in knowing her fear

And, waited


Her belly danced as if craddling the flesh of her flesh

And, her scream continued to flow

Unto even the sparrows above and ants below

As she blamed each for their respective views

With the blame she herself uses

To cover up her own fear and pain and muses


So, I crept right on up

And, let my presence be known

And, stated


Am I too close?

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