I Plead, of Grace Alone, through Word Alone, by Faith Alone




I plead, of Grace alone

Through Word alone, by Faith alone

Aid in growing in the Mystery's of the Son

A rightful place in His Kingdom

To, hear the Word

And, boldly confess

"Here am I, Lord."


In accord with fellow saints

I will raise my voice, with heart and praise

For the One who reconciled my soul

To the Father in The Place of the Skull

That through His last breath

And, for our own debt

Life anew in His death


In darkness and utter dispair

The Son descended for mankind's needful repair

In righteousness and perfect obedience

To compel death unto death itself

And, by His ascension

Plainly professed

Himself, alone, as Truth and Salvation


Grace of all grace, alone, is God Himself

Word of all word, alone, is Christ the God-Head

Faith of all faith, alone, is the Spirit

Three in One, yet separate

My tongue alone

Will confess


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