Come, Love


I want my heart to stop being broken

I need to feel hope in this moment

And someone coming to claim me

While there's still something to claim


She fed my soul so long ago

And, took everything she once bestowed

Just like a friend now too far gone

And, of whom I no longer know


I need redemption

A God-given intervention

And, a single set of feet

Pressing the sands of this wretched coast


I've calloused my feet

Now it's time to callous my knees

Taste the salt of the ocean

Roll down my desert checks


I'm tired of the water taking me over

Tired of my faith rising and falling

And, making me wonder

If I'll ever find my heart not stone


Incessantly calling the strength of my bones

With flesh always failing to carry me home

I'm pressing on further

To the essence of soul


I've been feeling it tugging and crashing down

And, hearing its whispers and screams

But, have stood in fear of what it might mean

Giving up my feeble control


So, if there's a secret

I'm praying to the source from which it comes

That despite my defenses 

The presence of higher love will set my soul free

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