Stand up

Dig your head out from the earth

Say enough

With such pettiness and readiness to throw dirt

For it does nothing but cast the jealousy you feel

On to those who you feel haven't worked hard enough

For the wealth they enjoy

All while you stand still and feel entitled to the spoils


Just like an ostrich


So large

No amount of handouts can satisfy

So you gourge

In your greed and forget you could ever fly

With a bulging belly and a bottomless appetite

And a mind so small it believes itself to be the epitome of flight

Though its wings stay tightly knit

All while its feet still rest in the dirt of want and no work ethic


Just like an ostrich


A class so large

It feels it can bully itself out of the middle

And, bring the top down the ladder

While allowing the low to feel less little

While hiding their rise in the shadow of dependency

Just for a taste of the spoils


Just like an ostrich dreaming of great heights

Is a reflection of ourselves inside

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