Over the cliff’s edge
Into the darkness
Days pool with the years already fallen
And, memories like mist arise
Out of the darkness
And, kissing the skin
They leave just enough remnants
To know the heart’s not quenched

A cave hides just behind the lost moments
And, a lonely spider spins his golden thread
Weaves his intricate web
In hopes that one day it’ll catch enough mist
To produce a memory that will sit just long enough
To peer into before gravity releases it back

Through the translucence
Color show its presence
Flapping its distorted figure so ambitiously
So assuredly and rhythmically
And, in revelry for the one behind
The curtain of memory
And, would retire to the cocoon again
If it meant tasting the mist on metallic skin

A cave hides just behind the lost moments
And, a lonely creature attempts to find once again
The lonely spider that lives there within
A golden palace so longingly prepared
For the one who left the cocoon for air
And left the spider with only thread to bare

A hint flew into the mist
Like flint to steal to tender twigs
And, color merged into the swelling drop
Just as gravity reversed
The brilliance sparkled unmistakably soft
As the mist whispered the secrets of that drop
The golden web became golden cloth
And, cradled that which would have been lost

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