Sweetness (Into The Sheltered Morning)

Sweetness you came my way

Though, others may not notice

I will forever appreciate

Your here, your now

Your ears, the grace in your bow

The place you’ve captured inside of my soul

The way I thought nothing ever would

Or, nothing ever could build foundations like you did

Or, turn windows and wood into a home

The way a bird perches in twigs and feathers

And lays its children so safe and sheltered

Beneath the leaves and wings of love

Within the crisp air of early spring

But, with warmth from the sun so deep

Only praise and relief seem adequate

And quietly apt in describing a feeling

So obviously unprepared for

So completely absorbed

Into a raging soul now safe from a storm

As the sun rises into the sheltered morning

A beak peaks from the shell

And, cries in the purity of need ringing out

Like beautiful melodies of sweetness

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