Thousands Of Hearts

2005 - 2006

There’s something in the corner that you know I fear

Funny, how it goes, you pull it out at the worst possible moment

Just so you can pretend it’s not choking you at all

When inside your head, you know you may not make it through

And the comfort in knowing that, is knowing that it’s completely up to you

To realize that the most beautiful light, is that which is reflecting off the moon

Hear the marching of thousands of feet upon this very earth

Strange, isn’t it, how we feed only those unwilling to work

While those who do, can’t afford enough food to feed their own children

And while the rich stand idly by, watching the worker’s own wages kill them

All this trash in the gutter should be considered a cheap form of art

Funny, how it goes, you don’t notice it until the worst possible moment

When you realize you wasted all your money for nothing at all

When you’re trying to impress someone with the education you own

When they could give less of a shit than Mother Earth made stone

Unless you’re making them millions working yourself to the bone

There so much of it, that it goes so easily unnoticed

Greed, temptation, lust

Murder, hate, loss of trust

And all the other sins man thinks he must commit

Just so his taste of fleeting bliss can commence

Greed, temptation, lust

Murder, hate, loss of trust

Greed, temptation, lust

Murder, hate, loss of trust

Hear the beating of thousands of hearts

Inside the chests of thousands of men

Greed… temptation… lust…

Murder… hate… loss of trust…

Greed… temptation… lust...

Murder… hate… loss of love.....................

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