Why So Serious (We Too Young To Feel So Depressed)

2005 - 2006

Why so serious

Who convened on the convention

And told us to resist the hearts we have

As if the hearts we have aren’t good enough for them

Who are they to judge what’s within us

Who are they do hand down such punishment

And who are they to dress themselves better

When all they’ve got are gray hairs and numbers higher than our own

We may not know when to call it quits

But we do that this is the only life we’ve got

And we won’t waste it on issues we disagree with

Said, we won’t waste it worrying about tomorrow

Raise my glass of Jack and Coke

Raise this liquid of illusion in hopes that you will remember

The way we were a quarter of our lives ago

When we were so young and naïve

Thought we had everything

When we possessed absolutely nothing

Other than the moment and each other

Reasons, I don’t have for such stupidity

But I won’t take the blame completely on

Cause who’s to say what we did was wrong

If it taught us how to get it right next time around

Such depth is getting my mind nowhere

Other than a headache and slightly numb

So, just tell me why

Why so serious

Why so serious

Cause, I just want to see you laugh

I just want to see you laugh until tears well in your eyes

And until your cheeks hurt from smiling so wide

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