Back To The Basics

2005 - 2006

Let’s get back to the basics

When my heart took it’s first breath

And stumbled upon the magnitude and meaning of what it just did

Where everything is innocent

And inside the moment, colors made up existence

And there were no such things as belief or the emotions they conjure

Cause inside the capsule of such moments, lives truth in its singular form

The burning wood is alive again in the mother tree

And I am again able to breathe

But, again am I saddened by what it is I see

And I know nothing here can change

Unless the change first takes root in me

Who’s to say what is and isn’t

And who gave authority to those who do so

Our lust takes reign over so much

That it’s hard telling what is and isn’t

And it’s so sad to know we are slaves to the desires we have

When we can’t even learn to accept

The things we can control, and what we can’t be content in

Is the real problem producing the unsettled rage within the souls we own

So we build up our pedestals and foolishly call them our homes

So, we forget how to live

What’s the harm in that

So, we forget how to breathe

Well, that’s our own choice

And that’s the distinguishing factor

Between what we want and what we think we need

And I lay on this pavement staring up into Heaven wishing to God

Hoping He’s there, and knowing even if He’s not

That I’d still be here staring up hoping He was

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