The Black Blood Run

2005 - 2006

God, here it comes again

I can feel the burn within this jail of connected bones

Like panic when the heart skips a beat cause it’s tangled in thorns

And you don’t know where the air’ll be for the next breath you breathe

So, you just hope it comes

Before the black blood runs

The sight slowly comes undone

And it’s Hell once it does

Cause, it’s Hell that feels like home

Find it in the reasons

If you can’t find it in the prayers that you bleed

Just know that as the air settles, the dew blankets the fields

In answers that only God could provide by a spirit so divine

That it even blankets us

After the black blood runs

There parts the one so beloved

And it’s Hell once she does

Cause, it’s a Hell as real a love

Someone stole the light by which I see

Someone spoke the truth, yet still fooled me

Am I really that frail

Am I really that gone

Welcome to The Black Blood Run

All are welcome, except for Love

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