2005 - 2006

When did harmony overtake our souls

Flash-ignite the blood-red glow

That nearly all know

Inside the darkest corners of existence

Stitching in hatred’s revision

Over love’s true intention

Now the sharpness digs into our flesh

Like a weapon of war

And the darkness envelops our eyes

So we can hardly see anything more

Lay down your life for a cause

Set your life on pause

Focus upon the loss

Of what used to exist inside

But slipped right on by

With every single lie

Standing in the doorway like a figuring

So porcelain, yet shivering

I can see imagine you starring at the Milky Way

Wondering why it’s slowly fading away

And wondering if love’ll return someday

But as for me, as of now, I’m wondering how

God could love us so much, when we can’t even love ourselves

And how He could give us hope, when all hope fails

For now the sharpness digs into our flesh

But it will abate

And for now the darkness envelops our eyes

But we will be saved

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