Truth And Love

2005 - 2006

So easy it is to speak about the things I wish I knew

To seek out the people who could fill in the absence

But it all comes back to you

And reasons are far from were I last left them

They must have all floated back into me

But it all comes back to you

Those nights, those dreams, twisted into bad news

Now fights, now screams, are our biggest clues

That we are losing each other

Moving statistics higher towards the complete collapse of truth and love

Sadness overwhelms the world like a deluge

Covering all of creation without warning signs

But it all comes back to you

You have the power to create your own life

Though truth never changes, truth is

It’s finally come back to you

Those decisions, those consequences, are all in the past

Now forgiveness, now repentance, will finally last

And we can heal each other

Pull back the covers that we pulled so high over truth and love

And come back to each other

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