Take The Sickle And Cut It Down

2005 - 2006

Well, I try to be someone other than myself

Around you, I feel so overwhelmed it may not be healthy

Containing all the words whose meanings I wish you felt

Instead of guilty, I've decided to feel free

Like a dandelion seed caught up in a breeze

Blowing away from any anchors trying to capture it

See, this feeling's been dragging me down

Been dragging me down

And now my knees are bleeding

And soaking into the desert sand

Soaking into the desert sand

So quickly, I'm starting to think

Maybe, it's always been my destiny

To never say what it is I mean

But, I don't believe in sweet words of explanation

I don't need agreement to affirm my faith

In hard work and the possibility that the imagination

Is God given foresight to help with what's to come

And I have faith that since that's all I know

That that's all that really needs to be known

It's time to harvest the doubt

Take the sickle and cut it down

Take the sickle and cut it down

I don't need no sweet words of explanation

Just a place to lay my head

To watch the stars circle around the desert ground

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