In Terms Of

2005 - 2006

Oh my, Oh my God, why

Do I live my life like I'm immortal

Like I've got more time to give

Than I know what to do with

And now I can't describe

Oh my, Oh my God, why

Exactly the way it feels like

Living life this way

Small explosions are beginning to sound like rain

And I don't know what to believe in

Other than everything in due time will change

And that it's getting harder and harder each day to believe at all

The perfection I seek

I now know is likely to never come

No matter how many expectations she may meet

And now hope is getting all but bleak

And all I ever seem to see are the shortcomings

That keep me running further and further away

I take it lightly, like a stride in a step in the middle of a day

That isn't noticed until the price of living is finally and fully paid

And it isn't worth what's lost in terms of the height of the wage

Except, of course, in terms of the wisdom you can claim on the day you die

And I don't know what to believe in

But, Oh my, Oh my God, I know someday I will

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