I See It All

2005 - 2006

I feel like I've been searching for so long

For a hand to hold

Though, it seems so wrong to rush it all along

And let it ride on a statement so bold

Cause whose to say when it's going to come

It could be over before it's even begun

And I'd be standing still waiting on the sun

Seeing if it could ever, even compare to you

This is how I see it all

Love is circular

And never ends

And in particular

Is never lost

Even when the one you love

Breaks and forgets to bend

And God is in everything

And in her eyes, I've seen His face

Like a thousand diamonds in one place

Shining like the purity of innocence

Tilted to the perfect position

To glow every color creation's prism ever dreamed of

Like the branch in the mouth of the dove

She has an overwhelming peace about her

This is how I see it all

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