Therein Lies The Lesson

2005 - 2006

Well, it takes a lot to turn good love bad
You wake up one day, and half your day is gone
Spending the rest trying to remember her laugh
Only to remember anxiety streaming from her sullen eyes

Darkness emerges out of light
You take what you get with a grain of salt
And, a sigh for words unspoken
Left inside a heart so broken
It can hardly sustain itself

These invitations seem so tempting to fulfill
But, temptations are the very things for which souls are sold for
So I keep praying to God, keep hoping the sun will ignite
And, keep hoping the Son will come
And, smoother the fire of impure love

Try to put it to reason
Find meaning in the mountains made from mole hills
And, know there’s so much more to come
Cause, when a good love turns bad
Therein lies the lesson and hope of truer love to come

But, when light emerges again
We will be  pure of sins forgiven
And, the salt that we took and squandered
Will be the salt He shakes and saves the world with
And, we will know without question
The worth in every pain endured

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