2005 - 2006

Come to realize, the drug wears off

Like a sky opening up to extinguish the fires of Hell

I spread my hopes as wide as she spread herself

And in that moment I was forgiven and finally myself

I guess I do know who I am

Just not ready to let go

Just not ready to be so exposed

And open to your criticisms of what I can’t be and what I can

They say love twists your convictions

Impedes its conditions on its victim

And all for only the chance that it brings with it

That in the end it will surpass all the worth it had in it

And there is worth if you would look

And it is worth every minute it ever took

Cause in the end it’s all that matters

Not ready to

No, not yet

Not ready to let go of my regret

Not ready to let go of you

I guess I don’t know who I am

I guess I’m just not ready to count all that I’ve lost

I guess I’m just not ready to realize the drug eventually wears off

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