Blue-Green Abyss

2005 - 2006

God, why do I feel the way I do

Sealed tight in my own stagnant air

With a mouth so closed it?s nearly not there

A heart so confused it?s actually breaking

A life that remained unchanged for decades

My heart is tired of fighting

Sinking deeper into this blue-green abyss

Shining like a light under an umbrella

Nothing escapes

Nothing could have anticipated this

No, nothing breaks without a sound

And nothing ever changes even the second time around

This reoccurring dream is more like a nightmare

Where you hit the ground before you wake

Split your head open and still feel no pain

Where your conscience has nothing new to say

Except for the fact that there?s someone new to blame

I?m sick of this

So sick it may not be real

So sick that nothing I do makes me feel

And my heart is tired of fighting

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