2005 - 2006

Into the night I let out a call

Of hope you’re calling out a wish for me

And yet I know that even if it were so

It’d be too late to save a single thing

Cause the key’s been lost

And the hay’s been piled much to high

To make it’s nonexistence worthy of the needle’s cost

Cause consolation  means nearly nothing now

I bid to you my goodbye

I’ve been in and out, up and down

But this is mine and no other’s making

So stop fighting and I’ll take what is due

Cause the past is so deeply buried I’d better wake early

Start moving boulders resting on pebbles

Piled so high it’s almost not worth the risk

Of tipping the teeter-totter further than it is

Cause consolation means less than nothing now

I bid to you my goodbye

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