The Fickle Existence

2005 - 2006

I won’t regret this

If you can’t save me

Still I don’t know

If even I can save myself

But there’s more to this

Than I can think to feel

Maybe if I breathe deep

Into me it will appear

Sweetly it calls my name

And I cannot resist

The beauty of the memory

I chase with everything I am

Only to fall further away

From the only faith I’ve known

And as of late, it’s turned

Into a much deeper pain

The illness hangs

Like a picture on a wall

Unable to erase itself

Of the fickle happiness

That created its beauty

And in vain attempts

It begs of itself to fade

Into sheer oblivion

Today I realized

Unloved letters remain

Stashed away in my heart

Like an unlit candle

I have yet come to terms

That purpose has put meaning

In this dismal existence

Into keeping me so dimly lit

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