Growth Of A Canyoned Soul - For Me, I This Now Know

2005 - 2006

Journeyed low into the meadows

Basined within the mountains of shadow

I scan the panorama in hopes

That a canyon has found its place in existence

For me, I do not know

Separated from sight all is gone

Strength, perseverance, the want to overcome

All does not pass through all

The needle's eye will not relent for additional space

For me, I think not so

Pierced between the skin to bone

My living substance, flesh, my very soul

Is warring now my sole reason

With spear in hand I rush that, that bore no care, no mercy

For me, I this now know

Enthralled in passionate desire

The fight inside is sustained, is wired

Within my broken being

I throw myself into the very face of the darkened

For me, I shall not slow

Bruised only described now as physical

The speech that would not come, its lack now dismal

Nearly extinct from the mind

Stitches that held the limbs and organs in certain symmetry

For me, I let them go

For me, I start to grow

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