Be, No, Leave Me

2005 - 2006

Be, no, leave me

Believe knowing you conceived me

The pillar of faith crumbles

Covering with dust the humblest of hearts

Revealing the fact that truth is not in the eye

Rather being in what is held in the minds-eye

Upside down then mirror image reversed

Is reality really seen before heard first

Life is lived through the vibrations of the inner ear

Truth is, that tears only come after words are spoken

Omitted and breath broken are the vibrations

Between the emitted sounds a heart hangs on the conditions

Of what the ellipse means before the vibrations start again

Hung on to as if though the very backbone of religion

Senses crave fulfillment

After the consensus is taken on what is meant

Computing begins through energy synapses

The brain relapses falling back on familiar fences

Defenses yielding the feelings of previous mishaps

Dodging each and every past and painful fact

That logic can’t always explain a love away

Especially if substituted with an euphemistic saying

Life is lived through chemical messengers in the head

Truth is, with that said sometimes it’s easier left unexplained

Too many cars on this train to keep sufficient pace

Between the ties and the rails, rock is left in a rubble like state

Until what is shot up in vein is finally learned to be an addiction

Though justified because it feels so incredibly safe

Feeling be, no, leave me

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