Eye Of That Needle

2005 - 2006

Scream me another song

She said as she fell out of love

Said, “Scream me another song!”

And this time make it sadder than any I’ve ever known

Mix it up with something sharp and bold

Cause I’m only happy when I’m not myself

Sadder and more lonely with you than when I feel like hell

The house of a demon is no where to be

And the threshold is too disguised to see you’ve crossed it

And once the walls of lust and luster leave

And all that’s left is further gone than any eye can see

You’ll realize the least amount of love you ever received

Is greater than even the demons greatest sympathy

And the melody fell out

Leaving a medley of self-disaster and doubt

Like hail stones in the clouds

That have each to their own several birds to hit

Too many decisions to make their trajectory fit

Yet, nevertheless, the bombs will fall on the glass houses

By then it’ll be too late to recall what memory has left to arouse

The house of an angel in never opaque

But the door is never opened until it’s too late to come in

But by time it’s realized the dream is over and you wake

But with so little evidence to unconceal the masquerade

You’ll realize the least amount of love they ever gave

Weighed more than even your most righteous faith

Because our desires take hold and create in us a heart that’s feeble

We have no chance except by being forgiven by a love that has no equal

Therefore we are inevitably indebted to sing praises without tire of their upheaval

And in the end we will all rise from our graves

And the sleep we took in the middle of our mortal days

Will be the basis of what we will be judged by

Because we are, in the end, only what we live until we die

So our eyes continue looking in through the peephole

Trying to see the world through the eye of that needle

But our eyes weren’t meant to unthread our sequel

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