2005 - 2006

I’ve been running for what seems like forever now

Scared of my feelings in certain situations

Reluctant to follow my guts’ intuitions

And I’m ashamed to say I’ve put myself before You

Ashamed to say I’ve been living life in all the wrong ways

And I’ve nothing to repay Your penance

All the years I stood so pensive afraid of what I thought was the world

Turns out what I was afraid of was me

So, God, if it’s not too much please forgive me

Forgive me for the innocence I abandoned

The sins I branded and bound myself in and with

And though this scar will never fully fade

I pray that by its remains I am reminded its purpose

And though I may never understand

The purpose of all those pensive years pent up in my abounding fears

I will forever understand that they brought me to You

I will forever understand that You brought me to You

But I will never understand how You understood the trials to put me through to

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