Mystery Of Mine

2005 - 2006

Why won’t this writing end

Seems all these chapters have to have some type of conclusion to them

And, there’s so much I wish for, cause there’s so much I lack

I guess, I’m just trying to put some meaning to the life I’ve already had

It always comes back to you

It’s like I didn’t live the eighteen years I did before I knew you

And, now years later, I’m stuck in the ‘twenty-something’s’

Still wishing as hard as I can that my name still meant nothing

I can’t lie

It was better when you didn’t know me

When you where still a mystery of mine

And when we were oblivious to the signs

Pointing us away from our innocence

Why can’t this life remain

When we’re old, the way it was when we were young and didn’t yet know hate

And, why is it so hard to keep the grip tight enough around faith

Without somehow losing it and watching it slowly drift further and further away

It never plays out how it should

You take your chances, hoping for the best, knowing it’s not the truth

And, it slowly breaks you as it quickly passes you by

But, there nothing so beautifully painful as when you look back on your life

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