Break This Down

2005 - 2006

It’s time to break this down

Turn my insides inside-out

And find just what I’m made of

I feel it burning within my chest

Waiting for it to ignite the rest

And find out what it is about love

That makes our souls seek it

I’m so tired of failing

So tired of taking without giving

Cause I know the reward isn’t in the hoarding

Cause, once you have too much

You can have more and more and still never have enough

I’m going to break this down

Stick my head on around

The corner keeping me in ignorance

I feel like shedding all my clothes

Showing the nakedness to which I was born

And find out what it is about love

That makes our soul seek it

The promise, I make tonight

Unexposed to the light

So I cannot deny it

Once the cover of day overtakes the bed I’ve made

I’ll never again take lightly how influential words can be

I want to forgive the ones who’ve hurt me

I want to be forgiven by the ones I’ve hurt

And I want to learn how to love without conditions

Find my soul in loves redemption

And finally know truth

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