A Bruise Never Scars

2005 - 2006

We circle around the edge

Keeping distance at maximum

Hands don’t stretch like they used to

Rings fall off hands when worked to bone

The heart is easily seen through a body starved of love

And through it all the rib cage is begging for demolition

Sometimes I feel like a refugee

A pitched tent permanently defined as skin

Draped over a skeleton that I fear may be hollow

This doesn’t make too much sense

I am unaware of where it all comes from

But it comes and never deadens its desire for eruption

Feelings boiling under the surface

Freezing just shy of breaking the skin

A bruise never scars, but it never escapes

Sometimes I feel like an alien

Dropped off and depressed in an unfamiliar place

But this is where I’ve been my whole life, so something’s not right

A bruise never scars, but it never escapes

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