2005 - 2006

My reflection grows dimmer

With every look I take in the mirror

I see the person I swore against becoming

Now, every day is a fight against the desire of continual running

From who I was at the beginning of the race

This marathon’s so long

I don’t think I can finish it strong

If I keep this pace the entire distance

Cause, all I can feel is the tire of resistance

And all I want is to wake and see the day when you’re actually gone

It’s always hello, goodbye

Without a single look into another’s eyes

Cause all I remember is the blue in yours

And the attitude you implored

When you looked into mine and didn’t have to say a word

I guess, I got my answer

It’s just the recognition came three years after

The day it ended without a reason or word

The prediction came true and struck a nerve

That made me realize the qualities I had couldn’t fulfill you

My reflection’s growing dimmer

And now I realize what I’ve learned from you

It’s that no matter the circumstance, people will always fail you

Take you for granted, and then be done with you

Until the next one comes along and begins to be pursued

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