In The Cave

2005 - 2006

Like a cocoon it keeps you bound

Hanging by a thread keeping you from falling down

Virtue adorns like an ornament of thistles and thorns

Like a beautiful bud that just will not bloom

It’ll never fight against the vice it was told was true

In the cave all we know is what we’re lead on to believe

Illuminations through the flame make up the backbone of our belief

In the cave all we’ll ever know are facts that never actually were ever true

And until we put up a fight, all we’ll ever know are the things we’re told to

I heard someone say:

“There are causes here left worth fighting for!

Where is the courage you claim to have?

Has even it too been swept beneath the floor?

Has even it too lost the last cause I thought was worth fighting for?

Where is this middle ground between virtue and vice?

Has even it too be shot from the sky?

Has even it too died in the cave?

Is even it too late to try and save?"

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