Heirs Of Our Enemies

2005 - 2006

In these days of war and anger

Lord knows, we're praying for the rain

And for the lives of the strangers

Who are dying and causing all the pain

Living in all their misery

Praying for victory

And some escape from the bitter sin

Point fingers towards the bitter end

But, can you assure me it'll someday end

No one really knows why they hate

Why love always comes too late

And why there's always a barricade

Blocking all their prayers

For the destruction of the heirs of their enemies

Maybe, we need to look inside

Find out the answers to the questions

Before we commit another to die

Based on the foundation of their religion

Cause this is not what God intended

When love was invented

Before the day of our creation

When He was painting His perfection

In every image of every man ever created

We must realize the purpose of actually loving

Not let hate's power be so overwhelming

Destroy the wall's that it's been building

Blocking all the prayers

Cause we must learn to love the heirs of our enemies

In these days of war and anger

Maybe, we need to look inside

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