Truth Is A Seed

2005 - 2006

So certain we are in our convictions

There is no other side to see

And no prediction could have fathomed a sadder ending

Cause life is crueler than we think

And though we thought we could rise above the stigma

Our souls are filled with an insignia opposite of a loving heart

And we praise Heaven all our lives

And hope to Hell we don’t end up in Hell

Cause the faith we have is a faith in the world

That is surely to spell the outcome of the world

And this world will pass unnoticed underneath the noses of those who held theirs so high

And they will cry out for a mercy that they never showed

But by then it will be much too late

They have sealed so tightly such a negative fate

That to the Creator they will not have been known

And they will be judged to burn in the fire of the sun

And the fire of the Son will be a healing rain to those who had faith

Who put their trust in Him and were saved by His ever-flowing grace

So I’m here to say, in the here and now that is today

That though the world is based in hatred

That when love awakens from marinating in the tender rays of a loving Son

It will overcome the multitudes and mountains of pain

And it will reign amongst the population, not in a distant golden throne

And it will give itself to the soul of every man and woman out of its own

Out of the conviction that truth is love and love is life

And that truth is a seed waiting to be sewn

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