Enough is enough!

crying out

I have got to do something

I have to find a way to win

I can’t keep compromising

Just to get ahead

Can’t take anymore blows to my head

Enough is enough

Or so they say

But when do you get too tired of the drama

That you get on your knees and pray

When do you snap out of insanity

Accept the law of gravity

Stop jumping off a fools roof

Expecting to fly, you are aloof

Of what true life is,

You can’t see for you blink and wink

When do you change your pen

That has run out of ink

When do you accept that losing stinks

When do you stop the game of look like

Bear your all and do it right

Its time to change its time to grow

Its time to stop playing the fools game

No more to accept a claim to fame

Without bearing the true title to the name

Enough is enough

That’s what I say!

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