i was digging you

I was tripping

I was so digging your tip

I was tipping over with

Butterflies-rose petals, and feathers floating in my head

I thought you were my natty dread

I had a lock on fixation

Was it your conversation?

Your dictation?

Had my mind in levitation

On cloud seventy-seven

Thought you were sent from heaven

I thought you were

My ginger bread man

But you ran, ran, ran as fast as you can

All locks and bolts on and strong

Was I too intense

Did I lack pretense

would you prefer

I liked you so much you made me purr

For what its worth I was sincere

I wanted to know you

I wanted to care

Bear and hold you tight

For real I wanted to do you right

I don’t mean sex

Lets break that hex

I’m am just saying

I was digging you

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