Wings of her own

Given to her by god

She will soar and land

In her destined sod

My wings are for me

And for a short while for her

But I must teach her well

So in her history

She may not fell

But wheel into and over

Life with vigor great

For her wings are for her

To achieve her stake

She cannot fly for me

Though now I fly for her

Her future is all-ready

Designed, defined

Through obedience she will find

Her place, catch the wind

Rise with the sun

And glow like the moon

She will grow up oh too soon

So I must get her prepared

Words like I can’t I am scared

Will not be her tendency

But I can do all things, through Christ

Will be her legacy

So precious to me my young chick

My little wonder of heel clicks

A woman of virtue, integrity and might

A lady, a princess, a woman of god

Yes I must point her to god

Spiritual heights she must reach,

Based on the word of god I teach

So I must accomplish this goal

to lead her to the saving of her soul.

She must choose, and do so wisely

For she has wings of her own

Given to her by god

She will soar and land

On her destined sod.

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