In the name of Jesus!

Ohhhh, it’s on now! . . .

I sees you devil! . . .

You have been partying in

this town for too long. Prancing

about boldly with no restraint.

Slinging your rocks,

Blood stain your paint

Shooting your arrows

Making mommas faint

Deceiving daddies

So they ain’t

Nowhere to be found

It seems they done

went under ground                                                                                                                                          

I ‘m tired, tired

And I’ve been retired

For many days

I ‘m about to get a raise  

Up and crush your head

All the saints ain’t gone to bed

Some of us are wide-awake

There is only so much we will take

When you came in my hood

You made a big mistake

I ain’t coming alone

As I stand my post

I am assisted by heavenly host  

Empowered by the Holy Ghost

So I serve you notice!

I am no novice

I know who he is

So I know who I am

So in his power I stand

And by his authority I speak

And command you, to cease!

I decree your weapons null and void

I come to war not to make peace

Deception and blindness

I pluck out your eyes

Anger and violence

Your arms I now tie

Abuse, and low esteem

I breakup your team

Your powers I divide

Your back I break

Ohhh I am whooping your hide!

By his stripes this wound is healed

This raging storm is stilled

Your evil planned is killed

In the name off Jesus

Tuck your tail, spin on you heel

Run like you do so well

take your mess back to hell!

I plea! the blood of Jesus

Be applied and cover us

The angels of the lord

Guarding with their sword

Ready to attack

Shoulder to shoulder

Pushing evil armies back  

Pushing evil armies back

And out of our homes

Out of our homes!

Never to return

May holiness burn

In our earthly domes

May God be glorified in this hour

May we see his manifest power

May we bask in his glorious shower

As his blessings flow

our hearts aglow

Being renewed we will know

That he has moved in this place

For pain and misery have been erased

Hallelujah! Glory to God!


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