Off the hook

Off the hook

I don’t want to need a brother

I don’t want to yearn for a lover

I don’t want to be no baby mama

No I don’t want any more drama

I want to be a tower of strength

So I won’t need anyone’s help

Because if they throw you a Frisbee

They expect a freebee

My name isn’t Bee

And I am not free


I cannot be bought

I don’t sell fish

You thought if you threw me

A rescue line I would swish

my fin and grant your wish

I want my own bank

Filling my own tank

Owning and minding my own business

Not sitting at the bus stop looking for his

Cause I am not going to be needy

I am ambitious not greedy

I am not going for broke

My mind is made-up this is no joke

I’m pursuing the dream that’s mine

Not standing in the welfare hand out line



I have a love child birthed

Out of a split hate crime

I need to make up for lost time

So she won’t ever have to

Walk down that street

Or stand in that streak

I am raising a real woman

Not some lap dancing freak

Not some Suzy too weak

I have to be all that I want her to be

So she can stand on my shoulders and see

Her promise, her destined land of milk and honey

Yeah it is in me like a fire

She is the root of my drive and desire

So no my booty is not for hire

My mind body and soul serve my messiah

So yes I desire a man in my life

But only one who will make me his wife

Oh boy do I ever want a lover

But not at the cost of going under cover

Before I grace the slow race down the isle

Of righteous passage

To recite the concrete message

before my god  and crowd of witnesses

There will be no babies locked out of wedlock

I want to build my home my family

I want to create and leave a legacy

on my branch of this family tree.

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