The formation of Clouds




The heavy clouds gather in a dense darkness of charcoal grey

As a threatening army ready to attack on vulnerable prey


The lightening flashes its crisp shock of warning bright

Writing wildly across the dusty blackboard of a long night

Taunting of the looming storm ahead and its promised fright.


All take shelter and shut their doors

They close the blinds dreading the score

Some jump into bed and hide under the covers

Some children try to sleep but they peek

Moms and dads once again become clinging lovers


 Breaths dive deep in stillness waiting the great fall down

of the rage forecasted

the skies resound their fearful sound

up until now not a drop has blasted

The winds and thunder tell a terrible tale

That make even the brave tremble and the

Once vibrant in soul-pale


Then a sound as a rushing mighty wind intrudes

What is it? Why is it?

Like a great fan it has blown and driven

away the clouds and fleeting darkness slithering

Light parts the blackness as the red sea

And hope emerges as a new sunrise

Shaded windows open

Locked doors ajar

Some glad soul has started the car

New hope has arrived

No one knows why

But the foretold disaster has passed by.


Gail Clarke

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a lovely write that didn't go

a lovely write that didn't go where i thought it was going. i too love clouds & storms